Unlimicell Canada Inc. Top up your cell phone minutes today.
Unlimicell Canada Inc. Top up your cell phone minutes today.
Unlimicell Canada Inc. Top up your cell phone minutes today.
Unlimicell Canada Inc. Top up your cell phone minutes today.
Unlimicell Canada Inc. Top up your cell phone minutes today.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Unlimicell Top Up programs
Our online Top Up system is the easiest and most convenient way to send minutes to your friends or family members' cell phone plan. If you have any questions about our services, please read below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.
Help with Sending Top Up
› How much does it cost?
Select the amount you want to pay to find out how much airtime will be received by the person to whom you are sending the top up. Before you pay you will be told the total amount that is due for the top up you are sending and also details of any other charges if any.
› Why do I have to pay tax in the country where I am sending top up?
In many countries the local sales tax must be paid where the product is consumed, just like if you bought the top up from a store in that country.
› Why does it not let me send top up to the number I want to?
We run several tests on the number including checking with the operator to ensure the number can be topped up. We do this because we don’t want to charge you unless the top up can definitely go through. If this happens you should check the number is correct and that you have chosen the correct mobile operator.
› Where are my card details stored?
For security reasons, we do not process payments directly. For credit and debit card payments, we use the world’s leading provider of online payments processing which stores the card details for those customers that request it so that they don’t have to be entered each time you come to the site. No details are stored with Unlimicell.
› Why am I charged a secure online processing fee?
This represents part of the charges which we must pay in order to process your card as safely and securely as possible online.
› What payment cards can I use at your site?
You can currently use VISA credit cards, VISA debit cards, MasterCard debit cards, MasterCard credit cards. You can also use PayPal for most services and in future we will be adding more payment options.
› Why can I not change my email address?
The email address you register with is how we identify you and keep record of your transactions.
› What do I do if my promotional bonus has not been applied?
The promotions that we email you about are run by the operator, and we just let you know as part of our service to our customers. If you haven’t received it you will need to contact the mobile operator, if you let us know we can contact them for you. Although we cannot guarantee a response from them quickly, we will do all we can to ensure your query is resolved.
› Will the top up still get through if the phone is roaming?
The top up is delivered to the phone account wherever it is in the world. The confirmation message is also delivered wherever the phone is in the world.
› What can I do if I sent the top up to the wrong number by accident?
All transactions are final. Once the top up is sent to a phone number, it is available for use immediately; hence it cannot be refunded or removed from the phone again. Please always double check the number you enter.
› Why is my payment/credit card not being accepted at your site?
There are various reasons that your card may not work at our site. The most common is because your bank will not allow us to process the particular card and you should contact them to understand why not. We also limit the number of attempts that you can make with your card; checking back in a few days may resolve this issue.
› How quickly does the top up get to the phone?
Within seconds.
› Does the recipient know who the top up is from?
The recipient is notified that they have received top up for all transactions. For almost all countries you have the option to enter a personal message where you can send a special message to the person at the same time. They will not know who has sent it unless you inform them.
Help with My Account
› Why does my card billing address have to be the same as my Credit Card
Your address details must match your card billing address to ensure that it is your credit card and to help with the card processing.
› Is my account information safe?
All information transmitted between yourself and Unlimicell is done through secure protocols (SSL – Secure Socket Layer); one of the most widely used and safest security protocols available on the web – you will see it used at all leading sites including www.Unlimicell.com. When completing a transaction, Unlimicell does not store your credit card information. All sensitive information is held by our payment processor who keeps this data secure to the stringent requirements of the Visa and Mastercard compliance teams, which includes PCI compliance. The terms & conditions and privacy policy, which are published on the site and which you agreed to when registering, cover all of our policies regarding your personal information. This includes the fact that we will never release any of your details to anyone and we will only use your email address in order to contact you about Unlimicell services.
› Are you going to charge me again in the future for something I don’t agree with?
Of course not, we only charge you at the time of the transaction (after you have entered your card details). There are no follow-up charges / recurring charges or anything else. Before submitting your details we state the total amount which you will pay. This is the only charge you will ever see from Unlimicell.
› How does Re-Send in the transaction history work?
We keep a record of all the transactions you have sent. Click the Re-Send arrow to send the same value again to the same number.
› How do I reset my password?
To reset your password please go to www.Unlimicell.com. Under the login box there is a ‘Forgotten your password?’ link. When you click on this you will be asked for the email address that you have registered with Unllimicell. We will send instructions on resetting your password to this email address.
› I reset my password but did not receive the email?
If the email isn’t in your inbox we suggest looking in the spam/junk mail folder. If the email isn’t in those folders and the email was sent successfully to you from our site then it may be that your internet service provider is blocking the emails from coming through and you must contact them. Unfortunately we do not have the facility to reset your password ourselves as this must be done from your email address for security reasons.
› I have signed up but have not received my activation email?
If the email isn’t in your inbox we suggest looking in the spam/junk mail folder. If the email isn’t in those folders please email us (sales@unlimicell.com) from the email account you used to register with Unlimicell and we will activate your account for you.
› What should I do if I see unauthorised charges on my card from Unlimicell?
Unlimicell do not have access to customer card information and this information is fully secure. Unlimicell will not make unauthorised charges on any customers account. If you see unauthorised charges that refer to Unlimicell you should contact your bank immediately as it is likely your card has been compromised elsewhere. Please contact Unlimicell directly also so we can take appropriate action on our end.
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Easy as 1-2-3
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Step 2: Pay using your preferred payment method
We accept Interac Online. Easily pay your cell phone topups directly form your bank account. Easy, no fuss. Payment with credit cards is coming soon.
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